The AutoTerrain works and reacts on both boom movements and twisting forces on the boom. This allows the system to be proactive and react on the cause more than on the symptom.

AutoTerrain works with 5 ultrasonic sensors and three gyro sensors. Ultrasonic sensors are located at a given distance on the boom and measure the height of the crops multiple times per second.


The gyro sensors measure the boom, center part and the chassis angle. The information from the sensors is analyzed and processed in the AutoTerrain software – and the necessary corrections on the boom slant and tilt cylinders are quickly made, before the boom is getting out of balance or getting away from the measured crop height.


AutoTerrain maintains the set boom height following the ground like a magnet regardless of the terrain it travels across.  This solution is gaining a lot of acceptance in broad-acre circles.

AutoTerrain is working with proportional hydraulics for precise and smooth control without jerks and hard movements.


If the computer system fails, the boom will continues in manual mode, providing increased reliability.