Strautmann officially launch their extend range of vertical feed mixers with two additional triple-augered Verti-Mix machines at this year Eurotier livestock machinery show in Hanover, Germany. Called the 3451 Triple and 4501 Triple, the the extra auger allows greater volumes of feed to be mixed just as effectively as the other Verti-Mix machines. The 3451 has a basic capacity of 28.5m3 but with height extensions this can be increased to

31.5mand further to 34.5m3. The Verti-Mix 4501 Triple is an even larger mixer with capacities from 38m3 to 45m3. Both machines utilise the new Vario2 auger, the ‘stepped’ design of which speeds mixing times. There is also the option to fit a stainless steel Innodur wear strip to reduce corrosion between mixes and prolong auger lifetime, and as with all Verti-Mix models.